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Dr. Frank CarterDr. Frank Carter

Specializing in working with business and healthcare professionals and their spouses, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Master of Arts degree in Sports Counseling, and a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology, and an extensive background in personal and business coaching, including 15 years of entrepreneurial experience building two companies, Dr. Carter's professional focus is on helping business people enhance their productivity by overcoming the weaknesses in their personal and professional approaches to business success.


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"The Objective in Life is to Enjoy the Day."™ - Frank Carter, Ph.D.

Welcome to PEAKS!

As a Business and Family coach who specializes in working with business and healthcare professionals and their families, I commonly hear the following:

  • “My life is not working out like I planned,”
  • “My business is not as successful as I had anticipated,”
  • “My job is taking a toll on my family life,”
  • “My family life is taking a toll on me.”

My clients initially tend to believe that the source of such grievances comes from outside sources (i.e., the job, the economy, undependable friendships, an unrealistic spouse, or overly demanding children).

The good news is that this is generally not the case!

The source of dissatisfaction typically lies within the individual’s historical experience (experience that has left them with ineffective beliefs and expectations). This is actually good news, because it means that going forward, how you feel is under your control to change. By changing your behavior, you change what you believe and what you can expect from the world:

You are in control of this process today!

Participation in the PEAKS program is all about enhancing performance, professionally and personally, by changing behavior. We use a proprietary methodology that has been incredibly successful over the last 16 years. The intent of my service is to help you identify the source of your dissatisfaction and then help you manipulate your decisions and behaviors, so that you can thrive professionally and personally (as you were originally and biologically intended to do).

“We do not THINK our way through life ... We FEEL our way through life!”

The PEAKS program involves a structured sequence of learning modules that, when integrated successfully, lead to a much more rewarding professional and personal life.

Just like the role of an athletic coach, your Business and Family coach is your professional champion who provides you with tools you can count on to improve your performance and succeed in all aspects of your career and family life:

We don’t just talk ... We practice using tools to help you change!

Success in this program requires commitment—a commitment to discovering what naturally feels good to you and changing what does not feel good.

You will be amazed at how different it feels to feel good after so many years of feeling bad.

Give yourself a chance to become the person you were biologically meant to be:

Happy, confident, and entitled to the rewards of your efforts!

Call us for a free initial consultation in-office or by phone at 858.454.2828

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